Phenolic compact

Our work with phenolic materials has led us to gain vast experience in their use, both in floors and in other products made with phenolic compact materials. Its entirely water-resistant nature, as well as its wear resistance make phenolic material very polyvalent. Generally, it is for furniture intended for facilities in direct contact with water, as well as a high degree of daily wear.

At Marpe, in addition to offering finished phenolic compact products, we machine and manufacture accessories such as counters, lockers or WC stalls, benches, etc. We have 10 colours from the Polyrey line in stock, and you also have access to other brands, such as Egger and Abet Laminatti.

Manufacturas Marpe manufactures and supplies compact phenolic material products and furniture

Indoor phenolic compact boards

These boards, with cellulose fibre core and coated in phenolic resin, are pressed at high pressure and temperature to provide for 100% water-resistant properties.

We provide you with several lines of compact phenolic boards, depending on their intended use. We offer an indoor phenolic line, for laboratory furniture, locker room lockers, WC stalls and indoor wall or floor coverings.

Indoor Polyrey line, see the 10 colours we have in stock.

COMPACT   12,5
B070 FA BLANCO 3660 x 1510 Yes
G059 FA GRIS CENIZA 3660 x 1510 Yes
G029 FA GRIS CLARO 3660 x 1510 Yes
B086 FA AZUL OSCURO 2600 x 2050 Yes
B048 FA AZUL CLARO 2600 x 2050 Yes
N005 FA NEGRO 3660 x 1510 Yes
P001 FA ARENA 2600 x 2050 Yes
G031 FA AMARILLO 2600 x 2050 Yes
R036 FA ROJO 2600 x 2050 Yes
P092 FA PISTACHO 2600 x 2050 Yes
C102 FA 2600 x 2050 Yes
G031 FA AMARILLO 2800 x 2050 Yes
B070 FA BLANCO 2150 x 970 Yes
G029 FA GRIS CLARO 2150 x 970 Yes
G059 FA GRIS CENIZA 2150 x 970 Yes

Our compact phenolic compact board catalogue

Polyrey supplies compact phenolic boards to Manufacturas Marpe

Outdoor phenolic compact boards

We have an outdoor phenolic line, ideal for closing ventilated façades or playgrounds, for example.

Outdoor Polyrey Facade line, the board suitable for ventilated façades. Its special treatment, impregnated with resins, makes it UV-ray resistant, so its colour doesn't fade. Additionally, thanks to the protection with which the board is impregnated, it does not wear or lose the protective coating.

We put at your service two lines of Polyrey phenolic boards:

203 3070 x 1240 Yes
M04F 3070 x 1240 Yes
W02F 3070 x 1240 Yes

Our compact phenolic compact board catalogue

Polyrey supplies compact phenolic boards to Manufacturas Marpe