Outdoor wooden flooring

Just like our indoor project solutions, at Marpe, we study each outdoor project that requires floor installation and offer the best option with our technological wooden flooring for outdoor applications.

We work with two lines of outdoor wooden floors, that meet needs and requirements for different cases in one way or another. On one hand, traditional wooden flooring for outdoor use, and on the other, encapsulated composite flooring, which offers greater versatility, depending on the use and situation where it is installed.

  • Outdoor wooden floor

This is a special wood for outdoor use. If you have any questions about our outdoor wooden floors, please ask our team about your case, use and application.

  • Encapsulated composite floor

Encapsulated wooden flooring for outdoor use is based on a synthetic material. This synthetic wood flooring piece has a plastic covering that prevents the composite from absorbing liquids. This prevents stains or excessive maintenance required by common composite flooring.

  • Outdoor technological floor (DECK)

Technological wooden flooring for outdoor use (DECK): this flooring is based on top-quality polymers and wooden fibres to guarantee stability and performance outdoors.