Vinyl floors

In addition to traditional laminated floors, at Marpe, we also offer the chance for you to discover synthetic vinyl or PVC flooring.

Highly resistant to moisture, wear and chemical products, vinyl floors are ideal for kitchens and toilets, but also for commercial projects such as hospitals, bars, schools, etc.

See our vinyl floor options:

  • Vinyl floor

Totally leak-proof, with a fibreglass mesh inside to prevent deformation. The surface use layer we use and recommend is 0.5mm.

  • Floors with exposed interior WPC vinyl layer

This type of floor is designed to prevent the deformation problem posed by vinyl flooring under heat sources. It has the advantages of vinyl floors on its upward side, and WPC'S advantages in its composition to prevent deformation, all while maintaining its leak-proof properties.

  • Ceramic-based floors

Traffic ceramic is a floor designed to avoid vinyl's dilation problems, and the use of PVC. Ceramic-based floors are ecological, leak-proof and highly resistant.

Manufacturas Marpe manufactures and supplies vinyl floors